Elektroject™ particles above

Revolutionary Protein Formulations

Elektrofi engineers high-concentration, low-viscosity protein formulations in the form of Elektroject™ particles suspended in GRAS carrier liquids. While most protein formulations become nearly unusable at concentrations greater than 200 mg/mL due to high viscosity, Elektroject™ suspensions can reach concentrations greater than 500 mg/mL without exceeding a viscosity limit. Tedious and costly IV infusions can be replaced by quick and cost-effective subcutaneous injections. Administration time for healthcare professionals and their patients will drop from hours to just seconds.


High-Tech Processing and Modern Applications

The formulation system effectively handles a wide range of therapeutic molecules. Elektroject™  particles demonstrate bioactivity equivalent to standard formulations and can be injected through a 27-gauge needle. Elektrofi’s technology has the capacity to process increasingly complex and delicate proteins including monoclonal antibodies, bispecifics, and fusion proteins.


Transforming Delivery Across the Healthcare Ecosystem

Biotech companies, healthcare professionals, and many patients stand to benefit from the introduction of Electroject™ formulation. This formulation provides companies opportunities for competitive product differentiation. Replacing IV infusions with subcutaneous injections frees up hospital beds and gives time back to healthcare professionals. Most importantly, this shift will improve patient comfort, and allow them to return to their lives.